14 August 2010

crochet: Amigurumi

Crochet is more versatile than one may think. It is one of those crafts that seems to be stigmatized to be only for old ladies named "Ethel" who want to make doilies. The fact of the matter is you can make cute stuff with crochet. A friend of mine who was really into Japanese culture told me about "Amigurumi" which is are stuffed crochet toys originally made in Japan. I decided to try out the patterns I found on the Lionbrand website.

Pan Bambusowy (finished 9. July 2008):
Pan Bambusowy means Mr. Bamboo in Polish. I neither know Polish, nor do I have a bamboo plant, but this little guy stole my heart. I got the pattern from Lion Brand which is offered as a freebie here. The good thing is that this pattern was relatively simple and stitched up rather quickly (2 days for me). The down side is that Fun Fur is absolutely horrid to work with. Sure it looks funky, but contrary to it's namesake, it is NOT fun. Honestly, Fun Fur looks cheesy in itself, but I must admit, this is a proper use for it.

Herr Löw (finished 20. July 2008):

Like Pan Bambusowy, Herr Löw is another crochet stuffed toy that was created from the Lion Brand site. Freebie Pattern is offered here. I had many problems with the way the pattern was written. It may be labeled as beginner +, but keep in mind, the techniques used were somewhat advanced. The ending result was cute, I must say. 

aww how cute!!

** PS - I'm not a spokesman for Lion Brand, they just have cute patterns! Lion Brand requires that you sign up for their newsletter to download the freebie patterns. It's free and quite painless. **

**Both patterns copyright of Lion Brand. All rights reserved. Photos are my own. **

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