15 August 2010

Cross-stitch: part 1

Thanks to Nancy, I am addicted to cross-stitch. It's one of those things that looks really really difficult, but it's not. I was under that assumption for a while... and I learned it in one day. All you're doing is making x's that are really close to each other. In the end, it looks like something. I find that making something is a better way of passing time than doing nothing. Nancy, being a great friend and an excellent pattern designer, taught me how to cross-stitch on a Friday after Dr. Field's Dialectology and Sociolinguistics course - better known as LING 360.
Nancy makes a lot of great patterns. After making a practice pattern that Nancy created to help me learn how to cross-stitch,  I convinced Nancy to send me the pattern she made of Garfield. It turned out like this (finished 24. January 2009):

It was a difficult pattern. The ears and tail were particularly hard to follow because I couldn't discern outline from half cross-stitch, but I did figure it out, I think. As for a first project, it looks pretty nice. And, someone from Deviant Art added it to their favourites.

Garfield was a total confidence booster. After making Garfield, I couldn't find a kit that I liked at the time, so I started designing my own things. I decided to make something nice for Nancy's birthday. This is what I came up with (finished 31. March 2009):

Ok, so the cats look less like cats than was intended, but it is still pretty cute. And, I had to learn how to make french knots to do the lettering. I am proud of it nonetheless - and even more so that she and her fianceƩ have it hanging in their apartment!

** "Garfield" and "Pookie" created by Jim Davis. Pattern created by and copyright of Nancy Cavallo. "Friends Like Cats" pattern created and copyright of Brittany Grasser at Kveldulv Designs. All rights reserved. Photos are my own. **

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