15 August 2010

Cross-stitch: Stylish Silhouette

Maybe it's not the best idea, but I tend to only post my finished projects. Since I am avid hand crafter, it should be no great suprise that I am guilty of craft polygamy. I don't support polygamy, except in terms of crafting, I think there should be an exception. I tend to get bored with the same old routine and before I knew it, I had about 7 projects on the go, with 4 of those being cross-stitch projects. Now, I am proud to say, that I only have 6 WIPs left.

So without further adeiu, I introduce to you: THE STYLISH SILHOUETTE! (finished 6. June 2010) (as with all of my posts, click to make it larger)

I joined a forum in my beginning times of cross-stitch for a little more help and motivation. It is called "The Cross-stitch Forum". The ladies on the forum are very helpful and nice. I saw that there were multiple people starting this pattern and since I am a huge fan of blackwork and peacocks, I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, being in the USA, it was close to impossible to find Cross-stitcher magazine which is a publication of England. Having no other option, I contacted the ladies on the forum and one of the members sent it to me in exchange for some blending filaments.

I fell in love with this pattern and it stitched up so quickly. With that being said, it took almost a year, but I hadn't been working on it constantly. I was yelled at in Magdeburg for working on it and since starting my job in Köln, I hadn't had much free time at all. I decided, that in my days off, I would get some work done on it. I finished it up last night because I made it my goal to finish it before the Final Seminar in Berlin.

If you want this pattern, you may be able to find it on Ebay or something. I don't plan on parting with it anytime soon. Sorry...

** Pattern copyright of owner and can be found in Cross-stitcher February 2009. All rights reserved. Photo is my own. **

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