17 August 2010

Just FYI...

I must admit, this entry isn't about a finished project, but a problem with a work-in-progress that I have at the moment, which makes this post still relevant.

I know a lot of knitters feel like they can only use wool or mohair or some kind of super expensive yarn. If you are one of those knitters, please ignore this post. For the rest of us, who feel acrylic yarn has it's place in the craft world, please, read on.

This is about Red Heart yarn. Although not my favourite yarn to work with, it does have it's place. Afghans can be thrown in the washer, and one doesn't have to spend a ton of money to work on a project. At $2.40 a skein, it makes perfect sense to the economical knitter who knows whatever will be knitted will be put through a lot of use. With that being said, don't forget, I would LOVE to knit an afghan entirely in wool, and maybe one day I will, but I digress from the main point.

My mom had bought a skein of Red Heart a within the past year or so, and knowing there was no apparent dye lot, I bought another skein to continue my blanket, and I noticed, after almost having the bottom portion of the afghan finished, that the new yarn was slightly lighter than the older yarn. I almost cried because I knew I would be pulling my afghan out for the 30th (yes... 30th!) time. I decided to write to Coats and Clark to give them a chance to redeem themselves, since they might not have realised there was a problem.

I got my response yesterday. Apparently, they switched manufacturers, which meant the dye lots were slightly different, so there are both the old and new dye lots in stores. Realising my frustration for pulling out my afghan yet again, they are sending me a complementary replacement skein. Which means, I will continue to use their products in the future. And it may take some time until only the new dye lot is floating around out there. So, if you are making something, look at the dates on the skein and buy all of your yarn at once. It will save some frustration and a lot of time. :)

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