15 August 2010

Knitting: Lacy Scarf

Knitting is one of those crafts I told myself I would NEVER do. My mom always knit sweaters for me growing up and I thought that if I did it, it would be weird. People my age didn't knit. To my surprise, there was a resurgence in popularity because people like Paris Hilton among other celebrities were found to knit in public. My mom tried to teach me and I was determined not to learn. It wasn't until two of my college friends knit so I caved in, and asked my mom. After much confusion and twisted stitches, I consulted YouTube for knitting tutorials.

Although not my favorite craft, I find knitting the most versatile because you can make the same things you can with crochet (well.. not doilies...) and you use much less yarn. I may not knit very often, but I do knit and I only have one project that I finished to-date. So here it is:

Lacy Scarf (finished 24. August 2008):

This lacy scarf pattern came from Ella Rae designs for Queensland Collection which is book 7. You can pick up a copy here. The designs in this book are so nice. My mom and I both were drawn to this pattern and worked on it together. The picture here does not do it justice - I folded it so you can see the pattern and it looks like it may be uneven, when in fact, it is not. It turned out better than I expected, especially for a first time project. And, yes - those are my feet in the picture. A better picture will be on the way, when I remember to do it.

** Lacy Scarf Design copyright of Ella Rae Designs. All rights reserved. Photos are my own. **

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