14 August 2010


Welcome to Kveldulv Designs! Kveldulv is Norwegian for "Night Wolf". I chose this name because I like wolves and I am currently learning Norwegian. I think this name fits rather nicely with me and what I want to do.

This blog is a showcase of my finished needlework projects (ie: knitting, crochet, and cross-stitch), so updates will be spaced apart from each other. It also serves as a nice way for interested crafters and designers to see what you can do with needlework. And maybe it will give younger people some motivation to learn a needlecraft. I plan on adding my own contemporary twists to crafts that have been around for many many years.

Some of the patterns I made myself and others came from kits, pattern books, or magazines and proper credit will be given. Absolutely no copyright infringement has been intended.

I also do not intend on selling anything as of yet. If you would like one of my own original designs after it has been posted, please contact me. I haven't priced anything out, and am willing to work on the price, but please keep in mind, I will not accept really low offers. Use your head people; these projects take a lot of time and money to finish. Rome was not built in a day, and my projects take more than a week to finish. Please keep this in mind because low offers will be rejected.


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