17 January 2011

Amigurumi Yoshi

Ok so... I finished yet another nerdy amigurumi... This time, I made Yoshi. If you recall from my last post, I mentioned that Yoshi has been my favourite character in Super Smash Bros. I made a small Kirby for my sister and a Yoshi for myself. As for now, I am slightly sick of crochet and plan to get back to knitting very soon! :)

One thing I learned from making amigurumi is that the stuffed animal really has a mind of its own, and its best not to fight it. Haha. Even if you follow the instructions to a "T", my Yoshi will never look like the one in the pattern exactly. It's going to turn out a certain way no matter how hard you try to make it perfect. I swear, I had the worst time trying to line up Yoshi's legs, and I think they may even be uneven, but I'm human, and that happens.  I think that may even be part of his charm.

Here's some pictures of my dear Yoshi. (and yes... he is much more adorable in person... these pictures really don't do it justice).

Thanks to Robotrish for this pattern. If you would like to make a Yoshi of your own, visit Robotrish's blog and the pattern is available here.

** Yoshi, Kirby and Super Smash Bros. are copyrighted characters of Nintendo. Photos are my own. **


  1. Hello can you plaes send me the pattern ? I can´t load the page and i would be very happy,
    Love Kiri