21 January 2011

Despicable Minion no. 1

Last week my parents and I decided to have more time together as a family and my dad suggested that we watch "Despicable Me", since it just came out on DVD and he got it from NetFlix. That wasn't the movie that was highest on my list to see, but I heard it was cute, so I didn't mind watching it. It was a really cute movie and the minions were my favourite part. (I'm not even going to touch the minion language... because my friend Megan and I are baffled at how they came up with that language...)

My dad asked me if I would be able to crochet one for him and I knew I could because I had previously seen a pattern for one on the internet. Well, everyday since seeing "Despicable Me", my dad had reminded me about how much he would want a minion to sit on his desk at work. My mom found the pattern for me and since I needed some more yarn, a trip to Michael's craft store was definitely in order. I had a little bit of free time last night and today, so I figured I could make one very quickly. It took almost the whole day, but I got him finished. *Yes, I am aware that the minions arms seem to be uneven, but they really aren't. I measured them and I just positioned them differently so he wouldn't fall forward*

 Here he is:


Now I have been recruited to make a minion for my best friend's older sister and if I have left over yarn, I might make one for myself too! :)

Please excuse the lack of updates over the next few days. I might try to make more minions tonight (I am totally on a roll here) and I am waiting for a pattern to be translated from Spanish. Plus I think my knitting beckons to be worked upon. Besides, I think my wrists need a break from all the needlework anyway.

This pattern was made by Linda Potts. If you want to make a minion of your own, please visit Wolfdreamers OTH blog here.  She has many other amigurumi too!

** Despicable Minions are based off of the Disney / Pixar characters from "Despicable Me". Copyright Walt Disney Pictures. Pattern copyright Linda Potts. All rights reserved. Photos are my own. **

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  1. This is so cute! It looks just like the minion in the movie.