25 January 2011

He's cute, he's shiny... he's UMBREON!

Yup, that's correct. I finally got around to making Umbreon. He's not your average black and yellow Umbreon either... he's the shiny one! I had never really been a fan of Pokemon, but I did take a liking to Eevee and some of her "Eevee-lutions". When I saw Umbreon, he was instantly my favourite and I knew I must crochet him so I had an Umbreon of my own.

I went through my yarn stash and I had quite a bit of black and yellow and light blue in Red Heart yarn, but as I crocheted the black, it was very stiff and I didn't like the way it felt in my hands. When I went to Michael's with my mom, I was looking for a soft yarn that had either yellow (for normal Umbreon) or light blue (for his shiny form). Bernat has a really soft yarn called "Bernat Satin" that was very very soft. I got black, but I couldn't find blue or yellow at the time. Yesterday I went with my mom to Michael's again and they had the sport weight yarn in the right colour for his shiny form. I was so excited and when I got home, I immediately started crocheting (of course, I promised my best friend that I would make a minion for her sister, so I did that one first...).

I finished Umbreon today and I am pleased with the results. And, he's so soft and cuddly too! So, without further adieu, here he is:

So awesome in his shiny form...

why does he seem to look so angry?

In case you are wondering (which you probably are) about Umbreon and what a shiny form is, I'm going to give a short little summary. Umbreon is one of the dark Pokemon which evolves from Eevee at night or from moonlight. To get a shiny one, (black and blue) you either need a shiny Eevee or to battle a shiny Umbreon.

Again, this pattern was designed by Linda Potts and if you want to crochet one of your own, the pattern can be found on her blog here. As always, her blog is filled with nice free patterns of Pokemon and other stuff.

** "Umbreon" and "Pokemon" are copyright by Nintendo. Pattern copyright by Linda Potts. All rights reserved. 
Photos are my own. **


  1. he is very cute indeed, i'm also making an umbreon :).... i don't think i've seen a shiny umbreon yet XD

  2. I adore this little creature! He's so cute-nice job.