12 January 2011

Introducing.... KIRBY!

Instead of working on my undisclosed knitting project which will eventually be offered as a free pattern, I decided to take a little break and work on a bit of crochet. I have been wanting to work on my crochet Umbreon for a while now, but I was really looking for a quick project that I would most likely be able to finish in a day. I looked through my pattern collections and found a crochet pattern of Gir from Invader Zim and Kirby from Super Smash Bros. I didn't have the right materials for Gir, and Kirby looked a little easier to make anyway. Much to my surprise, Kirby went together fairly quickly (in just a few hours) . Most importantly of course, is that he was a lot of fun to make! :)

So... Here he is! None other than KIRBY!

Kirby is one HAPPY camper!

Now I'm not quite sure if I want to keep Kirby for myself, or give him a new home with my sister (who always insisted on being Kirby in Smash Bros. ... I was ok with that... because I preferred Yoshi anyway ;) )

The original pattern was done in a much darker pink, but I remember Kirby being a much lighter pink... but I could of course be wrong. If you want to make a Kirby of your own, you can check out the Nerdigurumi Blog here.

** Kirby and Super Smash Bros. are copyrighted characters by Nintendo. All rights reserved. Photos are my own. **

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