20 January 2011

Thread Crochet

I didn't want to do much crochet, until I got more of my knitting and cross-stitch underway, but I had started this project in the beginning of August. It just beckoned to be worked upon. Looking back I guess I should have thought twice before I made fun of doilies. In a few of my previous posts on here, I made some jokes about making doilies. Well, here I am... posting about thread crochet after making my first doily. Kind of ironic, isn't it? Thread crochet isn't easy either. The hook that you normally use is really small and the thread is thin, which makes the stitches fairly hard to see. Much respect to those elderly ladies who do this often...

This is my first attempt at thread crochet and doily making. I now feel like a grandma (this was not meant to be offensive... it's just that I don't see any younger people making doilies very often...)  and even though it wasn't so bad, I don't think I'll be making anymore doilies any time soon!

Now for the pictures...

So pretty in all of its lacy glory!

You can download this pattern and other free doily patterns here. Enjoy!

** Pattern copyright unknown. Photos are my own. **

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