26 April 2011

Slipknot update part 2 of however many it takes to finish this thing...

In honour of Joey Jordison's birthday (the drummer of Slipknot) I decided to do yet another update. Again, I apologize that I am a slow stitcher! I am trying to keep things interesting by making sure I made quite a bit of progress before posting.

After a slight mishap and frogging over 4 10x10 blocks :doh: :anotherfrog: , I think I got things straightened out. Apparently my organisation method failed me. My stickers fell off the bobbins *conveniently* for Navy Blue ultra very dark and black and I ended up stitching with the wrong colour! The next day when the sun was out, I noticed that the black part was actually stitched in navy. :oops:

In spite of Mr. Frog's unexpected and much unwanted guest appearance, I have been stitching like mad and I have *officially* 6 members completed and 2 very close to being finished. All that is left is the bottom right and Corey Taylor *the singer... whom I haven't even begun. A good bit of the confetti is behind me too. So hopefully I can provide the record label with another progress pic this week and that my stitching will be completed, washed and framed by the end of the summer.

I'm  done my rambling now... on to the picture!

** Vol. 3 Subliminal Verses Design is copyright of Brittany Grasser at Kveldulv Designs. Pictures are my own. **

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