30 December 2012

More Mario Bros. Amigurumi!

I admit I've disappeared a little bit. Sorry about that. Grad school is not exactly conducive to crafting and as much as I like it, working as a TA doesn't help either. But, I'm still here and still crafty.

First thing is first: I hope everyone had a nice set of holidays. I figured since it's almost the new year, I have to post a little something. My friend Nancy took over my job at Walgreens since I went back to school. Her coworker Kristin went out to get dinner with us when we got into a discussion of Digimon, Mario and nerdy crafts. So, Kristin was impressed with my Yoshi an Kirby Amigurumis, and commissioned me I make a Goomba as a gift for her friend.

I forgot about it until I went to meet up with Nancy and her husband. I figured I had a little downtime, he'd probably crochet rather quickly. While this is indeed true, he was more difficult than he seemed. Either way, he's still super cute and I hope you like him!

If you want to make Goomba, check out Wolfdreamer's pattern on her blog here. She is very talented and if you haven't checked out her blog, I suggest you do so. I have done many projects from her blog and she has easy to follow clear instructions.

"Goomba" is copyright Nintendo. Pattern copyright Linda Potts. Pictures are my own. No copyright infringement intended.

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