23 April 2014

Bucilla, Hobby Lobby and kit exchange madness

I had purchased a cross-stitch kit from Hobby Lobby a while ago. It was part of the Bucilla heirloom collection and it was called "Mates". It had 2 wolves snuggled together and was a very beautiful design. After I purchased the kit, I tried to sort the colours and even though the kit said it had two bundles of floss, it actually had only one. My father, mother and I sat together sorting colours for hours and it looks like I was missing four colours.

Most companies suggest you contact them with the colours missing and they will replace them. I contacted Bucilla and they said I didn't know how to sort colours. I contacted them several times over the course of a few months with the same response.

I contacted corporate for Hobby Lobby and they were very helpful. The person I spoke to gave me contacts for the vendor to see if the problem could be corrected, and if there was any problem to contact my local Hobby Lobby to see if there was anything that could be done. Since my mom is really good at getting things done, I asked her to put in the final call to Bucilla. She got the same response I did. The lady told her that she was clearly unable to sort colours, and that it was our problem not theirs.

I contacted my local Hobby Lobby, and the manager was very helpful and even though the kit was opened without a receipt, he would do an even exchange. Hobby Lobby did not have another kit like the one I returned, but they did give me a store credit and I was able to get a kit (with presorted floss!) by Dimensions called "Indian Peacock".

Bucilla has a lot of wonderful kits and designs, but I think the buyer should be careful. Not all colours may be in the kit, and the colours are custom dyed so you may not be able to find a DMC/Anchor/JP Coats equivalent. Customer service may not help in fixing the problem. I've been stitching many kits, and a good number were Bucilla, but this is the first time something like this has happened. Dimensions, MCG Textiles and Caron (for latchhook) have all been super helpful.

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