25 April 2014

Crewel (cruel?) Embroidery

It's nice to be back. I know I disappeared for a bit, but I definitely haven't stopped crafting. To prove it to you, I have a nice crewel embroidery piece that I finished up a few days ago. My friend, Megan, always thought counted cross-stitch was difficult and that crewel embroidery (which, she just called "embroidery") was the way to go, since it was so much easier. Despite my mom telling me that I wouldn't enjoy it, I tried it anyway. And, she was right. I didn't enjoy it at all. I surprisingly did a good bit before getting frustrated, but I found it the other day and realised I didn't have much left to finish up. That being the case, I finished it before I went to work the other day. I'm so glad to not have this looming over my head anymore!

It's called "Elegant Oriole" by Dimensions. Enjoy! The colouring is a little dark, so my apologies.

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