07 September 2014

My First Biscornu

Sorry for not posting as much as I would like. I'm guilty of starting so many new projects, it's hard to keep track, let alone finish them all.

Over the years that  I've picked up cross-stitch, I've seen the word "biscornu" run abound on the forums, and in internet patterns.. I never knew what it was, and frankly, I didn't much care.  As time has passed, I would venture to say about 5 years or so, I never actually saw a biscornu, I just knew of it by  the name.  People tended to make them and send them off to each other, then post about it in the forums, so I figured it had to be fairly small, and that's about it.

I eventually got tired of not knowing what it was, so I googled it. I was less than satisfied with my answer: " A biscornu is a French word for 'oddity'". Google image search clarified that an oddity was indeed a small eight-sided pillow decoration type thing. They looked fairly simple to make, so I figured I'd try my hand at it.

I had trouble deciding on a pattern. I found a sheep biscornu picture, so I eyeballed it and tried to copy it since no pattern was available. It's close, but not exact. I started it while I was recovering from my outpatient prodcedures on Friday. And finished it today, though I spent the majority of Saturday working on it in between napping.

Heres my little sheep biscornu (I always have to catch myself as I type 'sheep biscuit' instead of 'biscornu'). I apologize in advance for the picture quality.

And on the flip side:

This was a lot of fun to make, and I'd like to make and design some more. I have a few more "contemporary" ideas floating around my cerebral cortices.

Also, if you need help in biscornu assembly, there are a number of sites out there with tutorials. I used: Creative Poppy Biscornu instructions

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