21 December 2014

Secret Santa Gifts

It's been a while. November has come and gone. December isn't too far behind. I saw Slipknot with Korn and King 810 and it was AMAZING. I always enjoy Slipknot live. It seems now we're approaching the holidays.Well, Merry Rama-hannu-kwanz-mas, dear Reader!

Ok so, maybe that wasn't the best way to approach it. It's Christmas time again, so Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas, happy whatever you celebrate.

This is the first time I've been around and working at Walgreens during the Christmas season. I must say, things have been hectic and busy. It's nice, but I honestly can't wait for it all to be over. It would be nice to have some downtime again.

Since I'm usually never working at Walgreens during the winter, I never got to partake in our annual Christmas Party and Secret Santa exchange. I was pretty excited when they were talking about it because I always have fun with these kind of things and hoped I got someone who was relatively easy to shop for.

I got one of our Pharmacy Techs, Debbie, who is a die-hard Ravens fan. What do you get a Ravens fan who pretty much has everything? I decided to make a few things for her. I took to Microsoft Excel and made the Ravens logo small enough to fit on the stitchable area of a guest towel. Since that didn't seem like enough, I decided to get a pair of fuzzy socks and ravens fabric. I cut the logo out of Ravens fabric and used a bit of Wonder-under to iron the design on the socks. From there my mom helped me stitch around it so it wouldn't come off in the wash.

I'm rather pleased with how they turned out and hope that Debbie likes them! I mean, who doesn't love fuzzy socks? It's kind of the semi-homemade way of making socks, but I didn't have the time since we got our Secret Santa in early December.

Debbie's gifts. I hope she likes them!

The Ravens towel. I had to put Go Ravens on there. I know it looks off center but it's only because "Go" is shorter than "Ravens".

This was so much easier and quicker than making a pair of socks!
 Wednesday I'll get to give Debbie her gifts! I can't wait!!

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